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You came to Vegas for a good time but woke up this morning with a splitting headache. Our IV hangover cure to your Las Vegas room is what you need to get you on the road to recovery fast. With our certified nurses and onsite mobile service, we’ll have you feeling better in no time. As always, there are no travel fees or hidden costs, so call today!


$15900No Travel Fees!
  • 1000ml Normal Saline
  • Assists Maintaining PH
  • Replenish Electrolytes
  • FAST Recovery
  • Feel Better Now

Still Spinning

$18900No Travel Fees!
  • 1000ml Normal Saline
  • Improve Recovery Speed
  • Choice of 1 Anti-Nausea
  • Great For Fatigue
  • Improve Recovery Speed

Pre Game

$19900No Travel Fees!
  • No Travel Fee
  • 1000ml Normal Saline
  • Added Vitamin B-Complex
  • Great Immune System Booster
  • Party All Night

Defcon 1

20900No Travel Fees!
  • 1000ml Normal Saline
  • 1 Medicine For Nausea
  • 1 Medicine For Pain
  • We Get There Now

Our Treatments

If you need to restore your vitamin levels, increase your performance, rehydrate your body, boost your immune system, fight jet lag, or simply cure a hangover – IV Hydration delivers results. Concierge service by our team of medical professionals is available within the comfort of your home, office, hotel, or special event for all IV vitamin therapy treatments.



The IV Hydration Difference

  • Vitamin Boost

  • Best Head Cure

  • Drip your way to feeling better!

  • Rehydrate important fluids!

  • We are mobile — we can come to you!

  • We also have a bar you can come to


Best IV Fluids For Treating Dehydration

Most Americans are chronically dehydrated and don’t even realize it. Throughout the day, you feel a little hungry and have a snack, but often your body is really trying to tell you it’s thirsty. Drinking plenty of water helps, but hydration through the digestive tract simply doesn’t absorb water and nutrients as effectively as going straight through the bloodstream. Things like the extreme heat of Las Vegas and strenuous workouts don’t help. Add in heavy alcohol consumption and you are certain to need a Rehydration IV or a Hangover IV.


IV Vitamin Drips Can Take Anywhere From 30 – 90 Minutes

In a rush? No worries, we have compacted some of our drips to work with your tight schedules. Be in and out in less than 30 minutes.

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Feeling sick, hungover, detoxing or just need an energy boost? We offer many customized IV Infusions for all your health needs.

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    “You guys rocked on my last trip to Vegas! I went HAM the night before my flight home, woke up and felt like a building had fallen on me. Called your office and scheduled a hangover rescue IV treatment, within 45 minutes the nurse was at my door with bag in hand, and 45 minutes after that I felt amazing. Caught my flight feeling much better. See you next time!

    Susan G.

    “I was frankly a bit skeptical of the overall value of IV infusions, but I recently had a major surgery and wasn’t recovering at the rate that I expected. A friend suggested that I try IV Hydration. After my consultation with Dr. Koka, he recommended that I try the ‘post surgery’, IV hydration, with vitamins and nutrition. The treatment was a total success and I began to feel generally better and less fatigued. Thanks guys, I’m a believer!”

    Ashley W.

    I’m an athlete and train six days per week.  I began to notice that many of my competitors were incorporating IV therapy to help speed up recovery time. I began using your ‘Athlete Prep’ to improve performance and have seen a significant increase in flexibility and endurance.

    Mark V.

    I suffered from migraine headaches recently in Vegas on business. I scheduled an appointment and was very pleased to find out that your mobile service would come to me. Your nurse arrived, she was very friendly and professional. Your service allowed me to get a good night’s sleep and complete a productive business trip. Thanks again for the hospitality!

    Elizabeth B.