Hangover Cure Las Vegas

Hangover Cure Las Vegas

You’ve planned your trip to Vegas meticulously. You’ve read a zillion blog posts on all the fun things to do, must-eat-at restaurants, amazing shows, and don’t-miss-it nightclubs. You booked your stay at one of the fabulous Las Vegas Strip hotels, and you even splurged and upgraded your airline ticket to first class, after all, why miss out on the free drinks on the way to the Sin City? You’ll be spending plenty on drinks upon your arrival.

You know you arrived in Las Vegas, because the bright sun coming in your hotel room window is accentuating the fact that your brain feels like it’s been shrink wrapped, but for the life of you, you can’t remember anything past checking your bag and that first round of drinks in the airport. You have all of the symptoms of a hangover, without being able to remember the good time had acquiring it. Exhaustion, cotton mouth, splitting headache, shakiness. You feel the instinctual need to crawl across the hotel room floor, lay on the cold bathroom tile with your arms wrapped around the chilly porcelain of the toilet bowl and pray that the room stops spinning. This was not how you envisioned your first trip to Vegas.

Somehow you manage to find the floor with your foot, which eases you from feeling dizzy and nauseous just a bit. Every bit helps. You slowly turn your head and find that your sunglasses are within reach. Putting them on helps. What kind of headache feels like an axe splitting your head open? The one achieved in Vegas, evidently. You reach for your cell phone, wincing as you see some of the evidence that will need to be destroyed on your camera roll. You were not that idiot. Or were you? The proof of your nightclub capers is staring you in the face. Let’s hope your phone is the only one to worry about.

You open up your browser and type in “Hangover Cure Las Vegas”, praying that the blog you read on curing hangovers with IV hydration was based on fact. The hangover gods are smiling down upon you and the internet offers up an option that, praise everything, comes to you. You don’t have to brush your teeth or try to look like you aren’t about to narf your cookies as you walk through the hotel lobby. You can stay in bed. Looking cool in your shades. With your foot firmly planted on the floor. Until the knock at the door signals relief.

Without hesitation, you order up your hangover remedy and almost feel better just knowing that help is on the way. In less time than it takes to have a pizza delivered, there is a gentle knock at your door. They must know you’re hungover. Wait, of course they do. They are the Las Vegas hangover IV company that you called.

You carefully make your way to the door, while the room spins, and your stomach turns, but before you know it, you are reclined against your pillows with your eyes closed, while the IV hydration angel that arrived at your door does her stuff. As you lay there, looking fly in your sunglasses with your hair and clothing askew, you feel relief knowing that your entire trip to Las Vegas won’t be wasted feeling like a corkscrew has been screwed into your brain. You’ll feel better soon and live to party another day. Maybe even tonight.