About Us

We all want balance and sustainability in our lives. And sometimes it feels unattainable. Tough jobs, traveling, late nights they take their toll and leave us feeling run down, worn out…off. Intravenous therapies, though previously only used by athletes and celebrities, are now available to the general public. And the efficacy and benefits are undeniable. If you need to restore your vitamin levels, increase your performance, rehydrate your body, boost your immune system, fight jetlag, or simply cure a hangover – IV Hydration delivers results.

Give your body with exactly what it needs, so that you can be YOU again.

Is IV Treatment Uncomfortable?

Generally no. It is  very similar to having your blood drawn. However, contrary to being under the harsh lights of a hospital room, our services are provided in a relaxing spa-like, private environment that helps you unplug and rest for the duration of your IV treatment. Most treatments are completed in approximately 30 minutes.

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